#Row80 Checkin January 22

I’m changing my goals this week. I’ve realized somethings I set are not working for me, and since they are my goals I’m changing them. I felt better immediately after I decided to do so earlier in the week.

Writing goals:

Edit 5 days a week, 1 hour a day  After editing is done, write 250 words 5 days a week or 1250 words per week.

I’m barely getting my editing in never mind my writing, so I dropped the writing goal. And I’m dropping the hour goal, as long as I get at least one chapter edited, I’m calling it success. So far I’ve been successful since our furnace came back to life.

The change was to protect my new bedtime of 11 PM, I need to get my son up earlier so bedtime for me has to get earlier.

Blog goals:

More guest posting: both getting and giving. Going to aim for 2 a month for Jan and Feb, one a week for March.

Dumping this goal. I hate reaching out to people. I’m stressed over just keeping up with my blog. So I’m just going to blog, connect via Twitter and do my mash-ups and call it good.

Working out a schedule in a spreadsheet, because I’m a geek.

I want back to this but it’s not really working for me. Maybe when the boy-child is off antibiotics and I’m sleeping at night.


Get outside 5 days a week.

Haha. It was below -20 all week. I had to drive my daughter to school, we live 3 blocks away. There was no recess, buses didn’t run most of the week. And then my son wound up with a chest infection. Someday it will warm up and we won’t be sick. Before we moved to oiltown, we NEVER got sick. Since we got here, we’ve been sick constantly. It might be all the damned wind. I so want to move back to Central Alberta.

Exercise with EA active

I missed one work-out last week. 4 days on, 3 days off. But I’m less excited about exercising, but I have noticed a change in my endurance and muscle strength. I’m not trying to lose weight (I’m sadly underweight) but I have to exercise to stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Plan meals (gotta get our budget under control).

Doing well. Been using up some freezer stuff since I didn’t get to shop on my usual day, Tuesday thanks to furnace-gate.

Read one book and watch one movie a week as per the fifty-fifty challenge.

Lord, I have to get a list of these. I lost my notebook. I had a bunch of late books from the library so I got banned from borrowing E-books as well. But I fixed that. I read “Write Good or Die” edited by Scott Nicholson but it was written before the e-book boom so half of it was related to making pitches, which I skipped. When I finish The Indie Journey, I will count the two of them as one book.

Oh I did finish The Happiness Project.

And I immediately thought “I should start my own project” and then I thought of all the other things I had going on and how crappy I was feeling about not keeping up, and I ditched the idea. I didn’t watch a movie, unless you count the last half hour of  the second Star Wars movie, which was on when I got up the other morning. My husband had fallen asleep on the sofa while watching and it went on repeat. My son was excited to see “bain-bain” or airplanes so early in the day.

Happy birthday to my mom.

Tomorrow I will watch a movie. Not sure what yet, something child-friendly. Or with pretty guys in it.

The other goal I’m adding, which I’m not really tracking, is just keeping my sink shiny again. I’ve been slacking on routines once again after the holidays and illness and furnace-gate. So, I’m doing minimalism and just doing the shiny sink thing, and it’s working. I’m getting dishes done consistently before bed.

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9 thoughts on “#Row80 Checkin January 22

  1. Oh Asrai, your furnace went out? with the weather we’ve been having in Alberta? Yikes. it’s a miracle you aren’t all popsicles. The changes to your goals seem very reasonable. I’ve gotten to love blogging but my writing has almost stopped this past two weeks, so I need to get back on track with that. I wanted to have my novella finished by wednesday and sadly I’m only half way thru the darn thing – but that is what happens when you don’t write.

    • Yep we had no furnace for 36 hours during the coldest days of the year. It was below 5 C in our house, our pipes were all frozen. We dragged out mattress into the living room and all slept in there with our electric heat running.

      Hope you have gotten back on track since you commented. I’ll connect with you on Twitter and see how things are going.

  2. Sounds like reducing the number of goals is a good thing (I did the same thing). It’s too easy, when making a list, to add all the things we WANT to accomplish. In reality though, it’s just too much. We tend to forget that life doesn’t usually care what’s on our lists.

    Sounds like you’re a Flylady fan. :)

    • I love Flylady. I’ve replaced my childhood voices/habits with her voice, to be gentle with myself and don’t be a perfectionist.

  3. You’re smart to realize your own life limitations and work within them. That’s one thing I love about FlyLady…you only have to go for 7 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on which schedule you’re following. You did great on the exercise! I hope next week you can get some sunshine to help brighten your spirits. Good luck!

    • I love the no pressure, just do a little each day philosphy of Flylady. It removes the pressure to do it all and get everything organized, decluttered and cleaned in a weekend.

  4. Asrai, you crack me up! “I hate reaching out to people”. That’s hilarious. Don’t you feel like sometimes you’re going to burn out? I know. Listen, are you in my Bob Mayer’s class? I thought I saw you name there. Anywho, I hope so. It’s a great class. Today I made it a goal to get by as many people as I can in ROW80 and introduce myself to them because I am new. You’re doing great Asrai. It’s always a pleasure to come by and see you! Take care and don’t stress too much! :)

    • I am not in Bob Mayer’s class. Thanks for the encouragment I really need it this week. I struggle so much with interpersonal relationships, especially in person, I do better connecting on-line. My biggest issue is I don’t do eye contact- it doesn’t occur to me to look at people’s faces. I don’t want to throw labels out there because they are purely self-diagnosis. Anyway, thank you for stopping by. I always enjoy your posts, so I usually end up commenting.

  5. Being sick always makes things do much harder, Asrai. I hope you and your family feel better soon.

    One of the things I really like about ROW80 is that we can adjust our goals and everyone supports us. So you do what you need to do, change and adjust, and you’re doing it the right way by staying guilt free. :)

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