Computer facist

I was reading The Crayon Fascist which was on Fresh Pressed earlier this week on

I was reading it and I recognized myself.

Not with crayons.

With MY computer.

Not the current one, but my first one. It was a Compaq Presario my mom bought me in 1999 as a graduation present. At the time I was posting bad poetry on-line from our school computers or from my dad’s because he had Internet. And I had met the most wonderful boi from England who I was conversing with via E-mail as often as possible.

He introduced me to IRC, which is short for Internet Relay Chat. It was like Twitter. You joined a server, connected in a chat room that was labelled by a hashtag #vampire was my very first IRC hang out.

Anyway, most of my friends did not have Internet, so they would come to my house and want to use my computer.

I would hover and make sure they weren’t harming my baby.

I think it was more I was jealous, I had friends over so I wasn’t allowed to be on the computer but they were.

People stopped asking to use it or would do so quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Computer facist

  1. I remember hearing something about IRC but never really figured out how to use it. I did Yahoo chat rooms back when it was just for fun….not to pick up a cyber lover. I actually miss those days, and still have a couple of friends I made while learning the fine art of chatting online.

    And you’re not the only one like that with computers, Asrai. I’m like that with mine…and all of the ones I’ve had once I learned how easily the kids could pick up computer viruses! :)

    • I was an early Yahoo chatter as well. My dad met one gf on there from Indiana, but her kids were quite young so it didn’t work out.

      Good that you kept your friends from way back when. Old friends are the best friends, sometimes.

      It’s amazing how much spam, spybots and viruses that are out there. I don’t know where this stuff comes from.

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