House Tuesday: No Heat Edition

In our previous house we had the original 197* furnace, and two or three years ago we replaced it. Then we moved. Our new place had the furnace installed in 2001. Not that old.

We had one issue back in October or November. It wasn’t that cold.

Yesterday morning it was -30 C(-22 F). And our furnace would not start.

Called the heating guys, they came and we needed a part. It was no where to be found in the city it had to be ordered and would not come until the next day.

We pulled out mattress into the living room and turned on our oil heater, electric fireplace and a couple desktop heaters. My power bill should be really nice next month.

This morning it was -44C (-47F) with windchill it was -38 without. And we were cold.

I called the school to say my daughter wasn’t attending and they asked me why. No buses were running and neither was I. I think if I had gone outside I never would have warmed up.

Despite turning on the taps and having heat tape, our water froze.

The heating guy came around 11:30 and got us running. And then took a big check.

We are feeling warm now.

Which is good it is supposed to be -50 C overnight with the windchill.

So what is the weather like by you?

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5 thoughts on “House Tuesday: No Heat Edition

  1. Hi asraidevin, Just enjoy the freezing weather now that the heating guy came already and fixed everything for you and the family. How about writing another blog on what you did in the house while it’s freezing outside :-) I’d love to know. Thanks. Mia Loveless

  2. Hi it’s me again, Mia Loveless :-) I’m looking forward for another blog in summer – – – House Tuesday: No Cold Edition. How about that? It also sounds interesting. I’ll visit again for more interesting blogs. Thanks for sharing this post. :-)

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