Interspiration #1142012

Barry Crowther reminds me about Bookrooster. And gives tips on how to get your book up for review.

I think I might watch Zen habits clutter webiner for inspiration. When our clutter was in storage the house was clean.

This is amazing news. RT @ebookpubtutor: Important update ITIN US tax nightmare over now get EIN over phone

What do tetris and being original have in common?

Could you write with your  husband. from @sheilaseabrook

The Question you should ask before “What If . . .?” from storyfix.

Writing when you are ill. A few tips. from @LynetteMBurrows

So you wanna adapt a book to a screen play?

Money amplifies your art.

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2 thoughts on “Interspiration #1142012

  1. Asrai, thank you so much for including my blog in your awesome list of inspiring posts! I am so sorry I didn’t see this earlier. (I can write when I’m sick, but guess I didn’t do as much reading as I should have!)

    • Lynette i don’t think anyone can keep up any more. Writing should be your #1 priority so don’t worry if you miss anything.

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