Row 80 Jan 12 Check in

Writing goal: Edit 1 hour per day, 5 days a week.

I did edit Sunday but not Monday or Tuesday so I have to go hard the rest of the week to meet this goal. I didn’t edit Monday because I was researching EIN information (you no longer need a ITIN to get an EIN to qualify for tax exemption in US earnings). Tuesday my son had a fever (still does actually), so I’m not getting a lot done either. He’s fine with fever reducer.

Guest posting: One guest post out, one in. Requested a second. Have to pitch a second yet however.

I haven’t gotten outside at all this week. I hate cold weather. I have exercised with EA Active, so we do get moving. And I started my meal plan for the next week. I think I’ll post my plan on Sundays instead of a Row goal post.

I watched most of definitely, maybe with Ryan Reynolds (gosh he’s pretty too!) and am slowly making my way through The Happiness Project. I have so many things on the go, I spend most of my day distracted by things. I have to get Yahoo answers blocked right now, it sucks my time.


One thought on “Row 80 Jan 12 Check in

  1. Meal planning…definitely something I should do. Maybe February can be the month I get into that.
    Hope your son gets better soon. Glad to hear the fever reducer is doing the trick.
    I know what you mean about cold weather. I’m not a fan myself. We’re enjoying an unseasonably warm winter so far. i don’t mind at all.
    All the best until the next check-in.

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