Jake Doyle is back

Republic of Doyle is the favorite show in our house. Most Canadian television is mediocre, but this one is just non-stop funny and engaging.

The hero of the show is Jake Doyle, a man who seeks trouble out. In the first two seasons he’s a private detective working with his father, Malachy Doyle. Since he’s getting divorced he also lives with them, as does his neice, Tinny. And then they also pick-up Tinny’s stalker admirer Des Courtney. I think Des may be my favorite character. He’s so hapless.

Jake not only has trouble from his job, but also his personal life. He’s almost always juggling two or more women. His ex-wife, the good looking Constable from the local RCMP detachment, the new crown attorney in town. his ex-girlfriend from high school.

One of the greatest features of the show is seeing the colourfulness of St. John’s, Newfoundland. It’s a beautiful city. And the show does it’s best to play up all the sights and sounds.

It used to be that TV shows ran September/October through May/June. Nowadays, a series season will run “half the season”. So Republic of Doyle begins January 11th and when it’s not on we mourn it. I’m hoping CBC gives them a full season at some point.

And this year Russel Crowe is doing a show!!!!! Yay Robin Hood.

Do any of your favourite shows run half a season?

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3 thoughts on “Jake Doyle is back

  1. This sounds like a great show, but I live in America :( On cable here a lot of shows do the half season thing. I actually like it because just as my favorites go into re-runs, new episodes of the half-season variety are in full swing. I never run out of good stuff to watch

  2. Looks like a great show! Write the producers and tell them to put it on Hulu so we can see it in the states.

    And yes. I do like shows that run half a season (and I HATE that! I want MORE!). Haven is at the top of the list, followed by two more I just started watching in 2010. The series Teen Wolf (which is REALLY good, surprisingly enough), and Being Human, a show where a vampire, werewolf and ghost are roommates (NOT a comedy though…not even close).

    Loved the plug for Republic of Doyle though. Maybe they will put it on Hulu. :)

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