Introduction to my house

I am addicting to renovation shows. We watch them all winter and then I spend days whining about wanting it to be warm so I can paint something or build something.

We lived in our last place for 5 years. And for 5 years we lived with a pink bathroom with harvest gold fixtures. I have NO idea why I didn’t paint that bathroom until we were getting ready to sell the place. When we bought our new place I didn’t have a chance to paint since we moved nearly 400 kilometres.


So I right now I am stuck with Honey Walls. They are yellow, which isn’t bad except the entire house, minus the bedrooms are that colour.





Superstore had some “blackout” curtains on sale and my sister in law had just moved into their new house a month after us so she dragged me there to buy some because we have two giant windows in the living room, which is one of the only things we’ve done so far.  The curtains are not blackout, sun still shines through, which is what happens when one of your big living room windows faces south.

The other housewarming gift to ourselves was the entertainment stand. Our previous one was left in the basement of the house my mother moved into almost thirteen years ago when she left my dad. We didn’t have anything so we brought that one, and we moved it three times. It lasted two weeks in this place when I found the one I always wanted. The electronics are all on top until our son is older and done with the button pushing.




One of my favorite things is we have a dining room. previously the dining room and kictchen were the same. Here they are separated by a cupboard.




The kitchen is nothing special. It’s oak cupboards which are getting older. We are probably just going to paint them and put new hardware on, which is the same thing we did before.





The bathroom is tiny and we are down to one bathroom. I miss the en suite, but our bedroom is two steps away. If I had my way I’d make our son’s room into the bathroom, make the bathroom the laundry room and put our son in the playroom/storage room, which is currently unheated.

The toilet is behind the door, you can see the shower curtain/bathtub in the right corner. And that is it, there is no wall space for hanging towels. The bathmat has to be rolled up when no one is in the shower.




Our bedroom is quite a bit larger. Or maybe it only seems that way because we downsized to one dresser. We do have a huge closet, but it has no doors or any shelving, so anything that’s not hanging up is still in boxes.

There are two little windows that look out onto the backyard (where my garden will be). Odd trailer set-ups from the 70’s.



Outside we have a giant shed, which is somehow FULL. It’s easily three times the size of our old one and we managed to shove everything in the old one. I don’t have a picture of this right now, and there is a new snowfall outside so I’m not going out to get one.

So that’s my little house pre-renovation. In the next few months all I get to do is plan, but I think I will share my plans since I need some extra help with colours. I’m terrible about settling on colours for inside the house. I like neutral colours, but that gets BORING after a while.

Any renovation junkies out there? Interior designers? Just really good with colour? Give me your input.


4 thoughts on “Introduction to my house

  1. I used to be addicted to those home shows. But then I found I was never happy with my own home – like now. LOL I like the honey color on your walls. I have a golden wheat color that looks somewhat similar in my master bedroom. But I wouldn’t want it in every room. I only have it in the one room. I used to love home improvement projects! Still do, just finding less and less time in the day for everything. What I used to do when planning my house was go out and find a fabric with a design that I really liked. Using that swatch as a guide I would chose the colors for my walls. As long as the colors matched the swatch they should all work well within the house because they work well on the swatch. It’s a thought. I love before and after pictures. When you get around to your work and finish the project you should share the pictures of the process. They are such fun!

    • That’s a brilliant idea. I love the fabric store.

      I can double the trip as I want to recover our dining room chairs. Who buys white fabric seats when they have small children? We also bought a cream coloured sofa.

      Thanks Debra. :)

      • I spent a small fortune on paint a couple of months ago (guess what the springtime project is going to be in my house?). I used to love renovating more than I do now, but I just want to get something I’ll be happy with for the next ten years (or hopefully more).

        As for neutral colors, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them. Too many years renting apartments and living with UGLY wallpaper. One in particular put me off wallpaper and bright colors for years (I’ll try to remember to post a picture of it on my blog). This stuff was floor to ceiling, on all four walls….in the living room. So it will always be very pale colors on my walls from now on. :)

        Good luck, Asrai. Sounds like you’ve got a plan (and the fabric idea is a great one, Debra!).

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