A love so wrong that it’s right

Okay, Bella is not the poster child for teen girls to emulate. Nor should we parent like Bella’s parents. But it’s the perfect teenage fantasy: no parents to tell you what to do. But they still provide your basic needs.

But I love me some Edward. I love everything about Twilight. Mostly the first book, I’m not into the continuing story. I just pretend they dont’ really exist. I just imagine Bella and Edward happy in love forever teenagers.

But I mean come on, who would not want to be wanted like this? Wanted so bad that you feel out of control? Wanted by someone who has never wanted anyone else like you.

This is why I love Cam from “Mine Till Midnight” by Lisa Kleypas. He’s the bad boy outcast who has never found his true place in the world, until he meets Amelia. And then he’s found his place and she can be taken care of by him.

Do you love it when a hero shows restraint even though the heroine is throwing himself at her?

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One thought on “A love so wrong that it’s right

  1. When I first got started on this whole indie author road, I was a closet Twilight fan. I’d read so many negative comments about the books and movies I didn’t like to own up to it, though I do like the entire series (and have read the books a few times). I do admit that some parts of the books were dragged out a little longer than they needed to be, but mostly I enjoy them.

    Why? Because you hit the nail on the head…who doesn’t want to be wanted like that? Especially those of us who can’t remember a time when we didn’t swoon over the whole romance thing. We love Edward and Jacob because that kind of devotion is so very rare.

    About the whole heroine throwing herself at the hero…mostly I’m embarrassed for the heroine. They come across as too needy and clingy, so I always love it when the hero shows restraint. :)

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