Interspiration #121711

@MelindaVan on trying new foods. You might like it!

@GingerCalem Ruthless decluttering and garage sale success.

Calm down corner from my favorite parenting blog I link to this blog on Yahoo Answers at least once a day.

Shannon Esposito’s dog Abbey takes on a rabbit question

@JillianDodd I can’t decide who has the best eyes.. someone vote for me.

@SJDriscoll I long for the pretty too.

@KaraFlathouse A beautiful letter to her 17 year old self.

@Diana_Murdock  A stranger is only a stranger until you learn their name.

Check out Samantha Warren’s blog scavenger hunt. I’m working on my post for her as we speak.

Lena Corazon gives us her reflections of a novel writing sociologist as she wraps up NaNo and her MA thesis.



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