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Interspiration this week.

Kristy K. James introduces us to her son and a video that will probably make you cry. This one is dear to my heart as I was an educational assistant and I have a niece with Down Syndrome. And in the video: Simon does have a heart.

Bob Mayer: Writing is the only art form that isn’t sensual.

Speaking of all in your head. Passive Guy has some blog therapy for insecure writers. I would never fire an agent who makes excellent popcorn.

Don`t forget to check out Samantha Warren`s blog treasure hunt.

Is it pessimism or realism?

Treat your inner critic like a drunk. From Nicole Maggi, good advice.

Enhanced by ZemantaLynette Burrows wonders if Man Caves even exist off TV. (And then I rant about in the comments about men spending time with their families).

One response to “Interspiration this week.

  1. Marcy Kennedy December 10, 2011 at 10:33 am

    I’m not a fan of man caves either, so I’m going to pop over to that link and read both the post and your comment :)

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