Interspiration #3

The power of positive thinking from @ColeenPatrick

An ode to thick thighs and squishy bellys (and other unperfect bodies).

@TameriEtherton learns a lesson the hard way.

6 things you must know about sexuality. #1 Everyone is sexual

What a 4 year old should know. #1 They are loved.

@jenmariepowell on setting goals you can’t miss. Sometimes it’s okay to aim low if you are afraid.

Write what you know in action by Prudence MacLeod.

How to be a Dad gives us the parenting calorie chart

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4 thoughts on “Interspiration #3

  1. I need the one on goal setting since I really suck at setting goals. Well, I set them just fine. It’s achieving them that’s so difficult. Thanks for all the great links, Asrai. :)

  2. These are great links! (okay, so I’m a bit biased on that lesson learned one…)

    I haven’t read all of them, but will correct that right now. They sound super fun and informative. Thanks so much for including me!

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