Back to your regularly scheduled ROW80.

I won NaNoWrimo last night. The story has a maybe 10K left in it, so I’ll wrap that up in December.

– Write 5 days a week.

I took one day off, when we went to my dad’s for the day and I was wiped when we got back and got the kids in bed.

– Blog 3 times a week. I only have a few scheduled posts left so I better stock back up now that NaNo is over.

– Working social media. Doing it less everyday. I dunno why. I try to post links every few days and congratulate or encourage people. I am not on daily.

– Routines to keep the house under control.

By Saturday I was done cleaning the house and Sunday DH and I got in a huge fight about it. The house was a disaster, and I admit it. But I spent all week picking up after everyone. I’m trying really hard to apply the Work on this one, but damn it I want to be right on this one.

Play Dragon ages II a lot and dream about Anders.

No wait that wasn’t a goal. But I am obsessed you guys. I need an intervention. Okay my husband has played through once and is at the same point I am on my first play through. IT”S NOT FAIR.

I’m now dying to write a romance with mages in it. Not fan fiction, I want to have magical characters of my own. With nightclubs. I just don’t know if I can write a mystery the way it’s shaping in my head.

Motivator - They Took My Kitty

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