The Work or Believing your Thoughts

I’m reading Byron Katie this week. In her book A Thousand Names for Joy she writes about the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching.  And some of the information is so spiritual that it makes me think “she’s insane” because no one could live in a sustained world of that much peace.

The book is not just about the Tao, it’s about how The Work and the Tao intertwine.

If you don’t know The Work. It’s pretty easy, when you are experiencing anything, any emotion, any thought you ask yourself five easy questions.

The questions are on her website. I won’t list them here. Katie’s idea is that we suffer when we believe our thoughts. We suffer when we argue reality, that things should be different then they are. We believe that we know a better way if only we could change everything but ourselves, when the only thing we can change is ourselves.

A Thousand Names for Joy is a difficult read. But the idea of letting go of  your stories, the shoulds we all tell ourselves to create less suffering, might just be the way to go. I know I could use a little less suffering.

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4 thoughts on “The Work or Believing your Thoughts

  1. I agree that we often create stories about ourselves that can reinforce negative beliefs–it’s so true!! That and the fact that we can only change ourselves. I will check out that link, thanks!

  2. Hi Asrai,
    I read Byron Katie a long time ago, I got to see her speak in person once. She like so many philosophers say things that are very simple, but very, very hard to put into practice. But I agree that the only thing we can change is ourselves and how we react to the world we perceive. Great post.

  3. They are great in theory but so hard to continually put into practice. At least when you have kids running around your feet. I just think she moved out into the middle of nowhere to make it work. LOL Nah, but seriously, we do tend to let things get to us more than we need to. I agree there and we can learn a lot from what she has to say.

  4. I do The Work all the time and have done for about 6 years. It’s very simple (much simpler than holding onto stress!), and it has brought me closer and closer to peace. I blog examples of myself doing The Work, so if you find it useful to see it in action, visit :)

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