Interspiration this week

Emma Burcart reminds everyone that moderation can be found in many ways

Caring for your Introvert via . Still one of the least understood character traits. Drives me crazy when introversion is equaled with shy. I’m a loudmouth but I still prefer to stay at home alone.

Janelle Madigan is feeling rebellious.

I feel like a martian and I’ve been “blogging” since before blogging was cool. Lynette M. Burrows says I’m not alone. Also who doesn’t love the muppet Martians from Sesame Street?

Enhanced by ZemantaUnicorns for Socialism gives us an appreciation cheat sheet and a list of suggestions on who to thank.
Scott Nicholson gives us a taste of  his meme addiction. My head hurts a bit after the Keanu meme, but disaster girl is kinda cute.

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