Craziness in the house

I bring out a book to the living room, sit down on the sofa. This is all normal. My husband is playing a video game, children are climbing the walls.

Now some of you may consider what I did next sacrilege.

I started ripping apart a novel and folding the pages. Don’t get all crazy on me. It was an average Harlequin, a dollar for half a dozen at my local thrift store.(I know I overpaid)

My husband pauses his game, watches me for a minute, goes back to his game.

I said to  him “Do you just ignore me when I do crazy things?”

“Like what?”

“Like ripping pages out of a novel and folding them into half inch wide strips.”

He didn`t reply. Is that a bad thing?

Enhanced by ZemantaI was going to use the strips to make one of those folded magazine bowls

Magazine Bowl 1

Image by TheBazile via Flickr

, but I lost interest half way through the book tear out stage.


7 thoughts on “Craziness in the house

  1. I’d like to see what goes on in your house on a daily basis that makes tearing a book up seem normal. I’m guessing you and your family have a LOT of fun! If you feel ignored, though, I have an idea for a way to get some attention in a hurry. While your husband is playing his video games and not paying any attention to you, grab the handy bag of colored rubber bands you picked up at Walmart for .47 cents and start snapping some at him. Not hard, of course. Just enough to let him know you’re thinking of him. :)

  2. Oh you’re funny Kristy!

    Hey there Asrai, it sounds like you have a pretty even tempered man! Or he is used to you trying to shock him. lol In any case, I like the finished product. Cool bowl!

    Thank you for that exercise on how a normal household functions. lol It’s good to know we all are pretty much the same. :)

    And thank you so much for all your support!

    • Unfortunatly that is not my bowl. I did about an hour of folding pages and got distracted by other things. Mainly screaming 1 year olds.

      Have a great weekend. Thanks for commenting,, glad to know i’m not alone in being a little different

  3. Sounds like you have an interesting house :)

    I’m terrible at finishing crafts I start. I always think they’re a wonderful idea at first, but more pressing matters always seem to get in the way. I have a bag full of half done cross-stitch projects.

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