How hard is to raise a baby?

I am addicted to Yahoo Answers Parenting and Pregnancy section. You can find me there telling people how much they don’t know about parenting.

Someone asked “How hard is to raise a baby?” I started replying and realized there was a blog post in there.

There are good and bad, hard and easy, terrible and wonderful things about every age and stage of raising a child.

Newborns sleep a lot, only require milk for eating, are portable and washable. They are up every few hours to eat, you don’t get a lot of time for your needs, you are changing diapers sometimes 12 or more times a day. If you can keep your eyes open.

Babies are a lot like newborns except they are doing fun things like smiling and cooing and batting at dangling toys. You are a little more restricted in your going out times as you need to be home so baby can sleep.

Toddlers: your sweet cooing darling is now on his or her feet and you have learned your house is like a minefield. Electrical receptacles once waiting to give you electricity, now are deadly holes in your wall that need to be plugged. Anything on the edge of a counter is a dangerous weapon. And all that money you used to find on your floor as a treat is now a choking hazard. And you will not believe how much money is on your floors.

Preschoolers: well you dodged the minefield and made it to potty training and “terrible twos and threes.” At this age your child has a whole bunch of needs and wants and they want to let you know, except they don’t have the language quite yet to communicate clearly. You spend a lot of time guessing what they want, probably wrong guesses. Also you get to start setting limits such as you don’t need to help the dog eat his food and you can’t put three DVDs in the DVD player at the same time and just how did you manage to get three DVDS out of their cases while I threw in one simple load of laundry?

School age: Well they are out of the house. Now you have to navigate the new landscape of playdates and friends, homework and teachers who may not be on the same page as you in their teaching style. Plus everything your child is learning at school may look like familiar, but it’s not. They are teaching your child do everything the exact opposite of the way you did it.

Pre-teen: Hormones. Angst and a lot of wants and demands. Kind of like the preschool years. They have a lot of things they want and can’t do themselves yet. Like going to the mall.

Teenagers: More angst. Plus dating, talking about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Unless you listen to rock and roll in which case they will gravitate to country or jazz.

Young adult hood: THey are out the house. They are competent young people. And you sit back and count the days until they get married and have children so you can have a baby in the house again.

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5 thoughts on “How hard is to raise a baby?

  1. Yep, you’ve summed it up well. In all of the phases the hardest part might be getting a good night’s sleep. Even when they are young adults and out of the house, you still worry.

    That music part of the teen? Oh, yeah. So true!

    What a fun post and it took me down memory lane ~ in a good way!

  2. Sounds about right. I hardly got any sleep with the first kid. Until I was too exhausted to answer his call in the night and he had to just cry it out. That’s when he finally started to sleep threw a few. The second kid was and still is an awesome sleeper! So much so it’s almost impossible to get her up for school in the morning. Sleeps like the dead! Music? #1 listens to whatever the theme song is to his current game obsession. Listens to it over, and over, and over. :D #2 wants the radio on if I want it quiet or off if I want to listen to something. So there you go. Playing the opposite.

  3. You hit the nail on the head, though you should have added tantrums to the toddler thing when they don’t get what they want, either because they didn’t communicate clearly enough, or Mom just said no. I think that’s pretty startling to freshman parents. :)

  4. Great summary, Asrai! I almost forgot those diaper years :-) Although I love babies, I don’t miss the sleepless nights!
    My kids are at school full day now and I miss them every moment they are away. Although it’s great to have more time to write, blog, research etc. But I also volunteer a lot at their school which is a wonderful way of seeing how they interact with their classmates and the teachers.

  5. LOL I can’t believe some of the things people ask on Yahoo Answers. That’s so kind of you to spend the time it must have taken to write this and answer them. I can’t imagine anyone thinking it’s easy to raise a child! When I found out I was pregnant, a guy I worked with summed it up best: “It’s the most difficult job you’ll ever do… but also the most rewarding.” Sixteen years later, I still agree.

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