Row80 11-09 Check in

I think that I change the format of my dates each week (and while I was considering that- my dear, dear son monster-child smeared applesauce all over the TV).

It’s been a really crappy 2 weeks. First I got a cough that lasted a week. Then we all got a stomach bug. Mine only lasted 12 hours thankfully. Hubby got it last night but went to work anyway. Hope he’s doing okay.

I don’t even recall what my goals are.

Write 5 days a week.

I think I have been. I have to start tracking this again. I try to write daily, but I don’t know if I I’ll get my NaNoWriMo goal of 50K done. I wasn’t even going to participate and two days before, boom, idea!

– Finish edits on Hockey Novel #4

NaNoing Hockey novel #5, which will be released before #4. (so they should be changed in number, but that’s how I’ve written them … anyway). So I’ve put off editing #4, until the preceding one is written and edited.

– write Hockey Short Story #2 (possible)

Right after I release the above.

– Blog as per course from Kirsten Lamb on Blogging


I’ve got my blog schedule set finally. Monday is my Perfect Mom post, Wednesday is a ROW check in, Friday is a post of other things, usually a video commentary. I also have an idea for guest interviews and I would like to add a mash-up, so I could have a 5 day a week in the future.

Personal goals:

– Working social media during nap times as per We Are Not Alone

My Klout score increases. All my followers are not spam bots, and I am generally enjoying myself.

– Flylady-type routines in the house to keep the house under control

Getting back into them this week I hope now that all the sick has come and gone I feel the need to disinfect everything. Too bad I didn’t get the urge before the sick came, maybe it would have been prevented.


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6 thoughts on “Row80 11-09 Check in

  1. Good work on your goals so far this week! Sorry you were sick. That is one of those “life happens” moments that, well, sucks. It can set back so much. Glad you are on the mend and sticking with writing each day. Every little bit is how you get it done. And Kristen’s class rocks so glad you are getting great feedback and tips there.

    • Thanks for the encouragment. The group support of Row and Kristen’s class really help me to keep on track. If I were going alone I would have given up on blogging and writing daily by now.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the class as much as I am.

    • Everytime I turn my back he’s doing something that I don’t approve of. I guess the lesson is to stop turning my back. haha.

      Thanks for the encouragmenet.

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