Perfect Mom Monday: Illness in the house

Friday night we went out for supper. Halfway into it, daughter said her tummy hurts. Not uncommon.

Saturday: she is sick  all day. I know my son is next because he keeps grabbing her cup and drinking the remains of her juice.

Sunday: daughter feels better. Son is doing okay. 11 PM son wakes up. Pukes all over me, dad, floor, blankets.

I spend the next hour dozing on the recliner. I go to bed around 1 AM. Spent the rest of the night waking up, holding the pail for him only to find he doesn’t actually puke. So at 6:30 I don’t grab the bucket. Yeah that was the time.

Change my clothes, his clothes, grab a dry blanket and head for the futon.

When the alarm goes off, daughter says she still feels gross. I call the school and tell them she’s not coming.

My daughter being older is independent is harder to comfort, she doesn’t snuggle or hug. My son is being clingy but he’s harder to deal with the fact that he can’t eat or drink.

So parents out there, any tips for dealing with sick children?

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7 thoughts on “Perfect Mom Monday: Illness in the house

  1. The only thing I can suggest is to clear your schedule, let the little one sleep on you if that makes him more comfortable, and just be available to them all day. Have your husband pick up something for dinner or make it himself. At the end of the day when, hopefully, everyone is feeling better, treat yourself to a nice long soak in the tub and get a good night’s sleep.

    Having sick babies in the house is no fun. Mine are old enough now that they take care of themselves, but it’s still hard to watch your baby feel bad.

    I hope you don’t get whatever they have! Take care of yourself and get rest where you can.

  2. I’d recommend the classics: snuggling on the sofa, hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup, a silly movie, looking at old pictures, and a beloved book, but it seems some of these options are off the table for you :( That’s tough. Hope they get well soon.

  3. {hugs}

    7-up or ginger ale not hot chocolate if they are vomiting. Saltine crackers in tiny bits until things stay down. I don’t know how old your little guy is but sometimes having them drink from a straw helps because they can take smaller sips. You have to be care they don’t get dehydrated.

    Otherwise, pop in favorite movies, snuggle (with a bowl just in case), read, play board games. For you, don’t even try to do anything unless they fall asleep for a nap because it’ll just stress you out.

    Good luck.

  4. I hope the kids are feeling better Asrai. If not, I think Raelyn said it best. Sometimes introducing the 7-up in frozen form helps too. That way they can suck on it, take it in very small doses. When my youngest gets extremely ill with the asthma, there were times even the bowl wasn’t accurate enough. I would sit in the recliner with sheets of plastic all around JIC. She would just lay on me all night until it came on without warning. I’m guessing you get enough warning. Don’t try to plan anything else; you’ll only stress yourself out. Take your time when they sleep. Movies and books are the best. Usually they don’t feel much likes games unless they are on the mend. Good luck.

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments and well wishes. We did a lot of cuddling with the little one, the older one played video games, I’m sick today.

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