Perfect Mom Monday: Fall cold edition

I don’t know where this cold came from. I was the first to get it, which is strange because I don’t go anywhere.

I tried echinacea and juice and everything, but I’ve given up. I have a cold. this one is going to stick. My only saving grace is my son won’t get it because he’s still nursing.

Moms what do you do when you get sick? Not sick going to die sick, but sick enough that you are tired and don’t want to do all the things you usually get done on a Monday? Do you suck it up and do it anyway? Do you do the bare minimum? Do you

just wait until you feel better and then spend the next 5 days playing catch up?

Think I’m going to go for a combination. Do what I usually do, but over a longer time with long periods of rest in between.

Funny thing I was trying to find a picture of a woman who was ill, and I couldn’t find one. They were all men laying about with hands on their heads or stomachs.

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