New Car Seat Rules


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In the past few months new guidelines have come out for car seat safety. Children are 5 times safer rear facing instead of forward facing.

Laws have not changed. It is still 20 pounds AND 1 year of age in most places when a child can go forward facing. New guildlines say stay rear facing until AT least age 2 or the weight limit of the seat. And yes it is okay for your child’s legs to be crossed, bent or in weird postion. Your child can put their feet in their mouth or behind their head.Sure they could break a leg, but better than a spinal cord injury.

Many car seats available in Canada or the US go until 30-40 lbs and the weight limit is getting higher.

The other safety issue that came to my attention last year was snowsuits. Snowsuits (or even just a coat) is very bulky. When wearing a coat the seat belt/straps should not any looser than when not wearing a coat. Children have slipped out of their car seats because of winter coats. With this in mind I made my son a poncho last year from an old fleece sweater that had lost the elastic around the arms and bottom.

I know car seat information is so overwhelming and it’s hard to keep up with all the new parenting information, but it is so important to do so because the experts are finding out new information all the time. And with the internet it’s not hard to get the latest and best so you can protect your precious children.

Are you keeping up with the latest parenting advice? Do you have children in car seats? How old are they and what seat are you using?

When you went to buy as seat were you overwhelmed by the choices? I know I was and I read a few days ago the one I bought was rated worst by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety . Grr!

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4 thoughts on “New Car Seat Rules

  1. Well, my daughter just graduated to the driver’s seat, so it’s been awhile, but back when I was in the market, the guidelines seemed pretty consistent, and there wasn’t much variation in the seats as far as what guidelines/requirements they met. There were infant seats (back-facing), toddler seats (20-40 lbs), and boosters for bigger kids who still needed to be in a child seat. I remember my daughter stayed in a booster longer than required by law, simply because she could SEE better by sitting in it!

    • HI Jennette, my daughter is half way to driving age. How are you dealing with your new passanger status?

      In Germany children often stay in booster seats until age 12. I am a safety seat Nazi, most of my friends’ children do not ride in safety seats and often ride in the front seat. Drives me bonkers! My daughter is still in hers, but I think she’s tall enough to be out. My son is 18 months and is still rear facing. He’s happier the other way, but saftey wins. We live in place where a good portion of the vehicles on the road are rigs.

  2. Important post, Asrai! I don’t have kids, but I do often wonder why buses don’t have seat belts. Any thoughts on this? I’ll share your post with my sisters—mothers of a collective seven wee ones. ;)

    • I never understood that and it’s part of why I never wanted to live in the country less bussing.

      Partly beucase it would cost a lot of implement (whiners- how much are these children’s lives worth?) But there are other factors (according to wisegeek). Most school bus crashes are not roll overs, but rear or head on collisions and the children each slam into the seat behind or ahead of them. Seatbelts would require harder seats and this would be lost. Also, if the children can’t get out of the seats. And there is an issue with children who cannot do up their own seatbelts as it could lead to inappropriate touching issues.

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