Oct 12 ROW80 Check in

Sunday: wrote 1,000 words

Monday: I think I wrote.I started reading James Scott Bell’s “Plot and Structure”.

Tuesday: read more of the above. Realized where I”m going wrong with everything. My lead character is missing objective and some confrontation.

Took basic outline I made up for a plot map from various sources. read an easy Harlequin Romance, tried to plug plot points into plot map. Not easy, but I figured most of it out.

Now it’s Wednesday and I am WIPless. I have 3 pages of notes from the first six chapters from Bell’s book.

So goals:

write 5 days a week: floundering since I decided to start studying the craft of writing this week as well. But I’m working on applying the knowledge to work soon.

Blog: think I’ve got my idea nailed down.

Social Media: recruited someone to Row80. ALso posted a resource for writer’s that got 5 RT’s. Sweet. It is a link to the dictionary of occupational titles from the US Department of Labour.

Flylady: my kitchen is pretty clean. Got my Weekly home blessing hour in. I have to do a major clean tomorrow and Friday as Friday is the girl child’s birthday party.



7 thoughts on “Oct 12 ROW80 Check in

  1. I need to find more time for reading and writing. Part of my problem right now is that my “bedside book” is heavier reading than I usually keep there. I’m reading Ursula K LeGuin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness.” It is a Sci-Fi classic, and very thought-provoking, but it is not a fun and breezy read. I hope I can finish it before NaNoWriMo!

  2. HI Asrai. My name is Jenny and I just wanted to pop in and say congrats for doing all you’re doing to meet your goals. It’s great you found out where you were ‘lacking’ in your writing. I love it when that happens to me. It’s like a light goes off in my head and I am in total amazement. “So that’s how I’m supposed to do that.” Duh. :-)

    Keep up the good work. I like your blog.

  3. Hi Asrai, thought I’d pop over and check out your site. Nicely done, that is such a happy wordpress theme. I’m scheming away at my new blog title. Catch you in the twitterverse.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the replies.

    @kait think I replied on your blog. I hope our new WIPs treat us better.
    @Amy. I think we all need more time for reading and writing. Especially if we have children or dayjobs or both! The life of a struggling writer. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    @Ryan. Look forward to seeing your goals etc on Row80.
    @Jenny Thanks. I’m taking a course on blogging for writer’s from Kristen Lamb, so soon this blog should have an actual direction instead of half written ideas and talking about myself.
    @Rachel Thank you. I think i like the theme. I keep thinking maybe I need something more customizable. Going to check out yours now. :)

  5. Great job. I used to do FlyLady and need to sign back up. I turned it off when I moved from CO to MD a year ago and desperately need it back. Thanks for the reminder.

    Studying the craft will always be a positive and your WIP will benefit in the end. Great way to focus. Hope the words come flowing now.

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