Row80 October 9 check in

Write 5 days a week.

Wrote on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Wednesday my dad came for supper and Friday I decided to drop my WIP at 10,000 words because I am not feeling the love.

– Finish You Can’t Choose Who You Love (working title)

I have tried to work this idea in about five different ways. I have plotted, I have planned, I have written (this was my first finished NaNoWriMo project and I wasn’t feeling the story, but I loved the idea ). I think I have to give up on this idea. But I probably will try it again in the future.

– Finish edits on Hockey Novel #4

I heard back from my beta reader (first time I’ve used one) and I’m scared to open the letter until I hear back from my friend on the story. I know.  Loser. Read the email. I’ll do it this week.

– write Hockey Short Story #2 (possible)

– Blog as per course from Kirsten Lamb on Blogging

Doing the work. 3 lessons this week. One piece of homework.

Personal goals:

– Working social media during nap times as per We Are Not Alone

the course is taught by Kristen who loves Twitter, so I should have guessed using Twitter would be a big part of the course. So I’m on Twitter, tweeting with my classmates. And with the world at large. Join me on Twitter

– Flylady-type routines in the house to keep the house under control

Did not keep up with dishes this week due to clogged pipes. DH fixed those on his days off. so i will get back into the swing of daily dishes. I did do my zone work and my weekly home blessing hour. So I will keep working with my morning routine , weekly home blessing and zone work this week. And using the timer.

All in all it turned out to be a good week. I’m going to write a little bit before I go to sleep.


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