Row 80 join up.

I am joining Round of Word in 80 days.

Here are my goals:

Write 5 days a week. I’d like to say everyday, but with two children; one 9 years, one 18 months, a husband and well my freaking life, I can’t commit to everyday. Some nights I need to just go to bed.

My ancillary goals to writing 5 days a week are as follows:

– Finish You Can’t Choose Who You Love (working title)

– Finish edits on Hockey Novel #4

– write Hockey Short Story #2 (possible)

– Blog as per course from Kirsten Lamb on Blogging

– Plot out next project (if the above gets done). I like to have extra goals.

Personal goals:

– Working social media during nap times as per We Are Not Alone

– Flylady-type routines in the house to keep the house under control

I’m using Cozi to send me reminders for my routines.



Tell everyone why you are awesome too!

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