Gratitude Friday

Things that happened this week that I’m grateful for

1) Almost done the first round of edits on the last hockey novel. I had a half page left to go last night

2) Helped my sister-in-law move to their beautiful new house. Glad we could help out and pass on the help we got when we moved.

3) Telling people how I’m right on Yahoo Answers. I’m addicted. I love giving advice.

4) Getting a bread maker from Freecycle. I’ve wanted one for two years. During the winter I bake bread in the oven, but in the summer it’s too hot to do so.

5) No time to check Facebook means I haven’t been distracted by meaningless time-wasting games like Frontierville. I’m not getting any writing done, but I am getting the house cleaner and spending time with my son. And, the less I get used to being on Facebook for wasting time, the less I’ll go on and when I do have time I’ll write. (God, I hope that makes sense).

What happened this week that you are grateful for? Share in the comments or join me on Twitter with the hashtag #goldstarmom


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