Giving yourself a break: mommy guilt

Yesterday I blogged about my son’s tooth decay. (Gross. I’m a horrible mother).

Today I’m going to blog about ways to give ourselves a break from all the mom guilt.

1) Whatever we are feeling guilty about, it’s not entirely our fault and we could not have foreseen the future. We did the best we could with what we knew.  And we are definitely not God-like deities who can control the world. +5 points for doing our best.

2) We act with our new knowledge. We research all we can on the topic and then take the best action for us and for our children. +5 points for learning and +5 points for taking action

3) We aren’t wallowing in our guilt. We are focusing on the good in our lives and taking responsiblity for the things we can do. +10 points for not wallowing.

How many anti-guilt points have you earned today? Any more places we can add points to give ourselves a break from mommy guilt? (Or, just any where in your life where you should get added points for a job well-done).


Tell everyone why you are awesome too!

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