Not so Perfect Mom: Tooth decay edition

My seventeen-month-old son has cavities. He has seven teeth (plus two coming in) and at least three of them have cavities. I am sick, sick, sick with guilt and shame.

He’s been exclusively breastfed.  Most breastfeeding advocates will tell you night nursing and extended nursing does not cause cavities. I don’t have proof either way, but I wonder. But neither of us is ready to wean.

Part of it is I am lactose intolerant and don’t eat a lot of other dairy products nor do I remember to take my calcium most days. Therefore, he hasn’t been getting the calcium he should have.

Another part is that enamel eating bacteria is often introduced to mouths of babes from sharing utensils, food and cups with adults or older children. We’ve shared with him for ages.

My husband’s side of the family has terrible teeth. His mom has issues. He has issues. My older daughter has had early (not this early) decay issues.

We haven’t had benefits since this problem started. I was trying to slow it down with natural methods, but we are going to have to pay out-of-pocket for some of this because I cannot wait until the new benefits start.

He hates brushing his teeth. I have to hold him down and hold his arms down and brush while he screams at me. It’s not fun and I don’t like doing it once a day, never mind three or four.

I’m really feeling crappy. I know I’m not alone in this occurence. i know it’s more frequent as our diets go down hill nutrient value wise.

What is your biggest mommy guilt?


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