Gratitude Friday

1) Warm weather. (I have a theory that says you can only complain if it’s too cold or too hot. In Canada, I get to whine about cold). The last three days have been the warmest of the year. I’m thankful for warm weather.

2) Staying home with my daughter when she was young and my son that is too young for school. Thankful my husband supports us by working. Thankful his job is enough to pay our bills. Thankful that I’m frugal enough to manage it all.

3) Epiphany about my writing. I am really bad at setting a scene, I jump into the action. I can bulk up my novel by adding some description.I’m excited, but it’s time-consuming to add and often I still feel it’s superfluous.

4) Had my first Follow Friday. I was following all the others recommended and nearly ended up following myself.

5) Finally found the direction for this blog. Perfection is something I struggle with. So this is perfect for me to blog about.


Tell everyone why you are awesome too!

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