Experiences vs Things

Very often we want to manifest tangibles.

We want money, we want a boyfriend, we want the promotion, we want …

We believe these tangibles will make us feel a certain way. And then we realize that they haven’t filled the void.

You want a raise, because you keep hearing about the shaky economy and a raise will allow you put some money away.

You want a boyfriend because you are tired of spending your weekends alone.

You want three children, because you believe those children will give you unconditional love. (They won’t. They will suck the life out of you).

In each case, you were looking for an experience. You were looking for a sense of security, connection or love.

Instead of seeking out things, look for what those things mean to you and how else you can get that experience.
What you can do now to experience it.

If you want security, you can budget, cut expenses and start an emergency fund.

If you want connection, you can round-up some friends and have a weekly date night.

If you want love, you can volunteer with children, adults, or animals.

There are multiple ways to fulfill your wants and even some of your needs. Experiment, play with them. Have fun.

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