Open Spaces

We were clearing out some of our clutter (and putting it into storage) to make our house look bigger while we sell it. And I felt really uncomfortable in the first few days that a lot of things were gone.

There was too much space.

I think we hold onto our clutter because we feel safe with stuff around us. Whether it’s an instinct from caveperson days where open spaces meant vulnerability to attack or what, but most people are afraid of open space.

We do the same with our thoughts. We have a fear of just being with our thoughts. (I know I do).

We fill our lives with television, video games, and being constantly connected to e-mail and social networking. I am addicted to Yahoo Answers, I get satisfaction in getting best answer and knowing that I was right above all the other answerers.

When faced with the unknown we fill the space with anxiety. We try to guess and second guess the possibilities that might fill that void. We try to solve problems that haven’t even occurred and probably won’t occur. We recall what we’ve been through before that might be the same.

I think when we allow the unknown to occur, that often wonderful things can occur. Better things than we dreamed might occur.

I made a desktop background that says “I am leaving open spaces for wonderful things to occur”. There is a heart logo in the corner and white space in the middle. I look at it and open my heart and wait for the unknown to join me.

Or at least I’m trying to.

And a day after I wrote this Justine Musk linked to Johnathan Fields saying:

Great work, brilliant ideas, extraordinary art requires space.

Read the rest here.

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